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Amber Evenings

Amber Evenings


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Amber Evenings

Modern with a warm and delicate colour palate.  The soft, muted colours of the design inside this lantern balance out the modern sleek exterior.  The straight and flat sides on the outside draws your eyes inward to the curly moss and the rounded shapes of the branches and leaves on the eucalyptus branches which create a contrast that compliments the lantern's exterior shape with it's interior.

5.5” wide x 6” deep x 14.5” high

This rose gold modern lantern features an ivory LED pillar candle, warm white fairy lights, grey spanish moss on the bottom with a bouquet of green eucalyptus branches and soft lilac coloured berries at the back with three mini pine cones at the front.

Unlike a real candle lantern, Glow Lanterns are safe and can be used in locations where an open flame is not allowed.  All lanterns work with 3 AA batteries which are included with your purchase.  The battery pack, located underneath the lantern, has an optional 6-hour timer feature which will automatically turn the lantern off after 6 hours and on again at the same time the next day (on for 6 hours, off for 18 hours, on again for 6 hours, etc.)  All items have been secured down inside the lantern for a permanent display.