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Autumn Harvest - Medium

Autumn Harvest - Medium


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Autumn Harvest

Autumn is nature’s last chance to really show off the best and brightest colours of the year before the cold winter.  The brilliant yellows, oranges and reds of the leaves changing colours during the season is the inspiration for this design.  I wanted to capture the bold and beautiful colours with bright florals and olive green foliage in a classic evening black lantern with the contrast of harvest straw sisal for this style.  This collection comes in three sizes: large, medium and small.

Medium: 5.7” wide x 5.7” deep x 14.2” high

Features a black lantern with golden brushed highlights, a white LED pillar candle, warm white fairy lights, surrounded by a bright red and orange or yellow flower, dark green cedar branches with straw sisal and pinecones on the bottom.

Unlike a real candle lantern, Glow Lanterns are safe and can be used in locations where an open flame is not allowed. All lanterns work with 3 AA batteries which are included with your purchase.  The battery pack, located underneath the lantern, has an optional 6-hour timer feature which will automatically turn the lantern off after 6 hours and on again at the same time the next day (on for 6 hours, off for 18 hours, on again for 6 hours, etc.)  All items have been secured down inside the lantern for a permanent display.